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What is Binary Fission?

What is Binary Fission?

By Jack Loren 

October 06, 2023

In this fission, an organism is divided equally into two different cells. What happens in this is that the genetic material of the first organism gets divided into two parts.

It then divides into two separate cells, and each part grows rapidly into an adult organism. This is called binary fission. It is of three types.

– Irregular binary fission or Simple binary fission – Longitudinal binary fission – Transverse binary fission Example - Amoeba, Paramecium etc.

In this fission, there is irregular binary fission, that is, it breaks up anywhere and divides into two cells.

Irregular binary fission -

Such organisms are made up of similar cells. It is done in a very simple way. Hence, it is called simple binary fissionExample – Amoeba, Entamoeba.

In this binary fission, organisms divide longitudinally, hence it is called Longitudinal binary fission.

Longitudinal binary fission –

Example – Euglena, Vorticella.

Transverse binary fission –