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What is the cell theory?

What is the cell theory?

By Jack Loren 

October 06, 2023

In 1838, German botanist Matthias Schleiden, after studying many plants, said that plants are made up of different types of cells and these cells join together to form tissues.

After that, in 1839, a British zoologist, Theodore Schwann, after studying animals, reported that a membrane is being found outside the cells,

which in today's time is called protoplasm membrane or cell membrane, or plasma membrane.

Both of them studied and gave the cell theory that organisms are made up of many cells and these cells are covered from the outside by a cover called the cell membrane.

But his theory failed, why failed because when he was asked that you have been told that organisms are made up of many cells,

but with the development of these organisms, the new cells that are being formed, where these cells are coming from.

His theory failed to explain this, and the cell theory remained incomplete.

After that, in 1855, scientist Rudolf Virchow said that cells divide, that is, cells that are already cells divide to form new cells. Only then this cell theory was completed.