Who is ellie woods?

by jack loren

Ellie Woods has gained significant attention as the fiancée of American singer, dancer, and actor Jordan Fisher. 

However, despite her fame as Jordan's future wife, Ellie has managed to cultivate her own fan base.

With over 120K followers on Instagram, Ellie has become an internet sensation in her own right.

Her profile primarily showcases her exciting adventures and travel photographs. 

Additionally, Ellie possesses a captivating singing voice, as evidenced by a few clips of her performances on Instagram.

Bio, Birthday, Age, and Zodiac of Ellie Woods 

Ellie Woods, born on July 1, is currently 22 years old in 2023. She is four years younger than her fiancé, Jordan, and belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign.

Parents, Family, Siblings, & Wiki of Ellie Woods

Ellie Woods, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, recently shared on her Instagram the sentiment of being at home and reminiscing about the beauty of Israel.