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What is Immunity?

By Jack Loren 

September 08, 2023

All organisms have defense mechanisms that protect them from a foreign organism or their product. There are two main types of these mechanisms. 

1. Natural or innate or nonspecific immunity. 2. Adaptive or acquired or specific immunity.

What is Innate or natural immunity?

In our native, immunity is the resistance to infection that an individual possesses by virtue of his genetic and consideration makeup. 

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It is not acquired through previous contact with the pathogen

Innate immunity may be nonspecific when resistance to infection is in general, or it may be specific when resistance is to a particular pathogen. 

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The nonspecific innate immunity against a variety of harmful substances present in the environment is due to the organism's Anatomical biochemical and physiological features.  

The skin protects the body against the invasion of microorganisms (primary defense). 

For example -