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What is Regeneration?

What is Regeneration?

By Jack Loren 

October 26, 2023

Regeneration is a natural process in which any part of the body of an organism such as cells, tissue, organ, etc.

after damage or deterioration, the process of repairing, rebuilding, or replenishing it again is called Regeneration.

There are two types of Regeneration. 1. Epimorphosi 2. Morphollaxi

Types of Regeneration –

In this, only the broken part of the body develops again, and not the broken part of the body develops into a new organism. This action takes place in the highest living beings.

Epimorphosis –

For example, after the tail of a lizard is cut, a new tail develops again, but the chopped tail does not become a lizard again

On this side, the arm or arm of the starfish is cut off and re-developed. Examples – Lizard, Starfish, etc.

In this also the cut part of the body re-develops, but in this, the cut part of the body becomes a new organism.

Morphollaxis –