Chemistry is a branch of science, in which the study of the composition, structure, properties, and changes in them during a chemical reaction is called chemistry.

Chemistry is called the science of atoms and molecules.

Antione Laurent de Lavoisier is called the father of chemistry.

Chemistry plays a very important role in meeting the need for food, health facilities, and other things to raise the standard of living of human beings.

Chemistry has an important role in providing food items or food items in proper quantity to the ever-increasing population.

The first need of man is food, various types of nutritious and tasty food items

such as pickles, sauce, wine, jelly, sugar, vegetable ghee, chocolate, biscuits, and custard powder.

To keep the body healthy, chemistry has provided many effective medicines.

Aromatic oils, creams, snow powders, different types of soaps, lipsticks, vermilion, mascara, antimony, apricots, etc., which are used as cosmetics, are the result of chemistry.