What is Matter? Definition, State 

The matter is the thing that has mass and volume, called matter which we see, and feel. 

The matter has four basic elements. 

There is fire, air, water, and earth

For example, on burning moist green wood, smoke (air) + water vapor (water) + flame (fire) + residue gets converted into ash (earth). 

State of matter – 

There are mainly five states of matter. 

1. Solid State 2. Liquid State 3. Gaseous state 4. Plasma state 5. Bose-Einstein Condensate state

Solid State – 

Those substances whose shape and volume are both fixed, then this state of matter is called solid state. Examples - wood, iron, ice, silver, gold, glass, etc.

Liquid State –

Those physical states whose volume is fixed, but the shape is not fixed. So such a physical state is called a liquid state. Example - water, oil, etc.