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What is Protoplasm?

What is Protoplasm?

By Jack Loren 

October 05, 2023

Cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus together make up the protoplasm, Or protoplasm is made up of cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

The cell wall was found inside the cell, the cell membrane was found inside it and a fluid called cytoplasm was found inside it,

and the nucleus was found inside the cytoplasm, and chromosomes were found inside the nucleus.

Chromosomes are made of DNA,Apart from the nucleus, other cell organelles are found inside the cytoplasm, namely -

endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, globules, Golgi complex, microbodies, lysosomes, and contractile vacuole.

All these are found in eukaryotic cells, while membrane-bound organelles are not found in prokaryotic cells.

Another cell organelle is found inside the cell, which is named ribosome, but this cell organelle is found inside both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.