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What is Nomenclature?

What is Nomenclature?

By Jack Loren 

October 05, 2023

Giving a name to any organism is called "Nomenclature". Maybe there is a question in your mind that what brothers do naming,

then my brother's nomenclature is done so that we can identify them like - we also have a name by which people recognize us. In the same way, all living beings should have a name.

Now one organism is known by different names in different countries or in different states of the same country.

For example, an onion is called Kandha towards Maharashtra, a dog towards Kolkata is called Kukur, and a watermelon towards Punjab is called Kalingad.

So somewhere, everywhere, there are some names of the living beings which we call the local name (Vernacular name). Which creates confusion.

To remove this confusion, each living being must be given a name that applies everywhere. Now, whether it is America, England, Japan, China, India, or any country, the beans will have the same name.