Lucy Thomas: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Learn Everything

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about singer Lucy Thomas. Friends, she is a British singer-songwriter who has left an indelible mark on the music industry at the young age of 19. Initially gaining recognition as a participant in the Voice Kids, Lucy swiftly gained popularity, captivating audiences with her exceptional vocal abilities and musical prowess. So friends, this article will explore different facets of Lucy’s life, you just have to read this article till the end..

Lucy Thomas: Early life and Introduction to the world of music.

Lucy Thomas was born on February 21, 2004, in Wigan, Lancashire, UK, and she started her musical journey at a tender age. While her Zodiac sign and religious affiliation remain undisclosed, she proudly identifies as British. The town of Wigan, Lancashire, where Lucy hails from, played a pivotal role in shaping her path in music.

Lucy Thomas biography
Lucy Thomas biography

Lucy Thomas, the embodiment of physicality.

Lucy Thomas is estimated to stand at a height of 5 feet (1.52 meters) and 4 inches (10.16 centimeters). Her captivating blue eyes and flowing blonde hair mesmerize the audience, drawing their attention not only to her voice but to her entire aura. Although her precise weight and shoe size are undisclosed, it is her remarkable talent that truly shines on stage.

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Lucy Thomas’s educational history

Lucy’s pursuit of education brought her to the esteemed Royal Academy of Music, where the specifics of her degree or college remain undisclosed. Her affiliation with such a prestigious institution is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her artistry.”

Family Ties of Lucy Thomas 

Lucy Thomas maintains a high level of privacy regarding her personal life within her family. While there is no information available about her father, everyone knows about her mother, Louise Thomas, and her sister, Martha Thomas. Lucy deeply loves her family and manages the boundaries between her private and public life successfully.

How much is Lucy Thomas’s net Worth

Lucy Thomas has not only won people’s hearts but also earned a substantial amount of money. With an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars, she stands as a successful young artist in the industry. Although exact salary details are not available, her net worth is evidence of her substantial earnings and recognition at such a young age.

Lucy Thomas Bio

Name Lucy Thomas 
BirthplaceWigan, Lancashire, in England
Date of Birth21/02/2004
Age19 years old
SchoolRoyal Academy of Music
HometownWigan, Lancashire in England
Height5 feet (1.52 m) 4 inches (ca. 10cm) (approx)
Marital Status Unmarried
Eye color Blue
Hair ColorBlonde
Mother Louise Thomas
Net Worth $4 Million
Sibling Martha Thomas

Lucy Thomas Expedition Across The Voice Kids and Beyond.

Lucy embarked on her meaningful journey towards stardom at the age of 14 when she participated in “The Voice Kids” in 2018. She made her television debut during the semi-finals, captivating audiences with her extraordinary talent. Following this remarkable performance, she secured a deal with Cavendish Records, a renowned record label specializing in classical crossover and musical theatre.

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Fast-forward to 2022, Lucy decided to showcase her skills once again by participating in the LEGO Voice, auditions. Her exceptional abilities caught the attention of judges Rebecca Wise, Taylor Cook, and Cole Kislter. Opting for Wise as her mentor, Lucy skillfully maneuvered through the competition, ultimately emerging victorious in the 26th season at the age of 18.

What is the Musical Discography of Lucy Thomas?

Lucy Thomas has embarked on a remarkable musical journey, showcasing her sweet voice and exceptional talent through her albums. In 2019, she made her debut with the album “Premiere,” which included exciting reinterpretations of famous musical compositions. Building on this success, Lucy released “Encore” in April 2020, followed by “Timeless” in 2021. Notably, her song “Hallelujah” from the “Timeless” album has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube.

Lucy Thomas biography
Lucy Thomas biography

As Lucy’s fan base continues to grow globally, expectations are rising for her upcoming fourth studio album, “Destiny,” which is slated for release in December 2022. This highly anticipated album promises to bring even more musical prowess from this great young artist.

Lucy Thomas emerged victorious in 2018 on the Voice Kids UK.

Lucy Thomas emerged as a standout competitor on “The Voice Kids UK” in 2018, where she showcased her talent as a semi-finalist. Her popular song “Moon River” made a unique impact on audiences. With her stellar performance, she secured first place in “Team Danny” and progressed through the rounds, garnering attention for her unexpected style akin to Selena Gomez’s “Wolves” in the semi-finals.

Her journey on “The Voice Kids UK” served as a stepping stone towards her future success, laying the foundation for her unique career in the music industry.

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Lucy Thomas Collection of Music.

Lucy’s exceptional talent and ability to captivate her audience were evident in her remarkable performance on ITV’s “The Voice Kids.” Her incredible range and the way she effortlessly connected with the viewers made her stand out. Notable among her performances were:

  • Always Remember Us This Way
  • Run to You 
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Broken Dreams
  • The Prayer
  • I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  • Footprints in the Sand
  • Make You Feel My Love
  • The Climb
  • All By Myself
  • Someone You Loved
  • Moon river.

Each song showcases not just her exceptional vocal skills, but also her talent for revitalizing beloved classics.

The Social Media Accounts of Lucy Thomas 

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Lucy Thomas, a remarkable 19-year-old singer from Lincolnshire, has carved her identity in the music industry with her singing and exceptional talent. She started her journey on “The Voice Kids” and after winning at LEGO Voice at the age of 18, Lucy’s unwavering dedication and passion for music are truly commendable.

While she mesmerizes audiences globally, Lucy’s highly anticipated album, “Destiny,” promises to impress future listeners with its soul-stirring melodies. With a staggering net worth of 4 million, Lucy Thomas shines not just as an emerging star but also as a sensitive young talent making a deep impact in the music industry.


What is the current status of Lucy Thomas?

Lucy Thomas actively supports her musical aspirations, continuously contributing to her career in the music industry. She has been actively involved in various endeavors such as album releases and collaborations, like in LEGO Voice in 2022.

What is the age of Lucy Thomas?

Lucy Thomas was born on February 21, 2004, making her 20 years old currently.

To what extent did Lucy Thomas progress on The Voice?

Lucy Thomas competed in “The Voice Kids” in 2018 and progressed to the semi-finals. Her exceptional journey highlighted her extraordinary talent, not only marking a noteworthy milestone in her career but also in her main musical breakthrough.

Who are Lucy and Martha Thomas?

Lucy Thomas and Martha Thomas are sisters. Lucy, a prominent singer, gained fame through her musical competitions, while Martha, Lucy’s sister, is less known but has always been a pillar of support for Lucy’s musical endeavors. The Thomas family has always shown steadfast support for Lucy’s musical journey.

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