Difference between Vertebrates and Invertebrates

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What are vertebrates and invertebrates?

Firstly, we know about vertebrates. After that, we will talk about invertebrates,

What are vertebrates called?

Those animals which have a vertebral column are called vertebrates. 

Examples – angelfish, frog, man, Guppy, etc.

Difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, vertebral column
Difference between vertebrates and invertebrates (Vertebral column)

What are invertebrates called?

Invertebrates are those animals that do not have a vertebral column, they are called invertebrates.

Examples – Earthworm, Cockroaches, Houseflies, etc. 

difference between vertebrates and invertebrates
Difference between vertebrates and invertebrates

Today we will learn about the common names and scientific names of vertebrates and invertebrates, you will see below that on one side the common name, and on the other side the scientific name is written, firstly, we will know the common names and scientific names of vertebrates.’s take.


This we will know the common names and scientific names.

Common NameScientific Name
AngelfishPterophyllum scalare
GuppyPoecilia reticulata
Frog Rana hexadactyla
Garden lizard                      Calotoes versicolor
CobraNaja naja
PeacockPavo cristatus
CrowCorvus splendens
SparrowPasser domesticus
ParrotPsittacula krameria
RatRattus rattus
DogCanis familiaris
CatFelis domesticus
TigerPanthera tigris
LionPanthero leo
ElephantElephas maximus
ManHomo sapiens
MonkeyMacaca radiata
MongooseHerpestes edwardsii
BearUrsus arctos
Fruit batCynopterus sphinx
DonkeyEquus hemionus
RhinocerosRhinoceros unicornis
Spotted deerAxis axis


Now we know the common names and scientific names of some invertebrates.

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Common NameScientific Name
Earthworm    Lampito mauritii
CockroachPeriplaneta americana
Housefly  Musca nebula
LocustSchistocera gregaria
Bed bugCimex hemipterus
Leaf insectPhyllium sps
stick insectCarausius sps
Water-scorpionNepa sps
ButterflyPieris sps
Rat fleaXenopsylla cheopis
ScorpionPalamnaeus swammerdami
King CrabLimulus sps
SpiderAranea sps
Apple snailPila globose
Freshwater musselLamellidens marginalis
Star-fishAsterias rubens

Difference between vertebrates and invertebrates –

They do not have a vertebral column.In these, the vertebral column is found.
In these, the internal skeleton is not found.They have an internal skeleton.
They have an exoskeleton.Furthermore, they do not have an exoskeleton.
Besides, they have compound eyes.They do not have compound eyes.
They have a simple and unorganized nervous system.Furthermore, they have complex and highly specialized organ systems with specialized functions.
95% of animal species are invertebrates.5% of animal species are vertebrates.
Generally, their size varies, but they are smaller than vertebrates.These are mainly longer than the invertebrates.
Almost all invertebrates have an open circulatory system.All vertebrates have a closed circulatory system.
They do not have a post-anal tail.In these, the main form is the post-anal tail.
It does not contain Pharyngeal gills lite.It is present at some stage of their life.
Their body is radial or bilateral symmetry.All vertebrates have bilateral body symmetry.
They feed in an autotrophic, parasitic, and heterotrophic manner.Their nutrition is mainly in the heterotrophic mode.
Their intestine and nerve cord are in the dorsal position.Their nerve cord is in the ventral position.
In their dorsal blood vessel, blood flows anteriorly.In these, the blood flows backward.
In these, hemoglobin is either present in the plasma or is not.They contain hemoglobin in red blood corpuscles (RBC).
This respiration is done through the surface of the body, gills, or trachea.This respiration is done through the gills or lungs.
Reproduction in these are mainly asexual reproduction. In these, reproduction is mainly sexual reproduction.
They do not have a hepatic portal system.A hepatic portal system is present in these.
Examples of some invertebrates are flatworms, pods, sponges, etc.Some examples of vertebrates are mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Conclusion –

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