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Hello friends, welcome to our new article, friends, today we are going to talk about what is rice, which we use every day to eat, just like saying that without Rice, we do not fill our belly.

Perhaps you will only know that it is a food item, but today we will learn from which family and lineage it is, where it originated, and in which countries and regions it is produced the most. so let’s start

What is Rice?

Rice is the main food item of mankind. It is obtained from Oryza sativa, a plant of the family Gramineae. Half of the world’s population is wholly or partially dependent on rice, although there is a belief about the origin of Rice.

It is believed that it came from the African center, then it appears that rice was first grown by the Chinese settlers and rice came to India even before the Greek times.

The Rice plant is a sizeable one-year herb. The height of this plant is about two to four feet. In this floral axis, there are many branches and each branch ends in a grain.

This grain with husk is called Paddy. Rice is obtained by removing the husk from the paddy. There are many varieties of rice in India.

The Rice plant is a plant in hot moist regions (Tropics) for good yield of rice, delta and flood-prone rainfed areas (Monsoon regions) are more suitable for them, sow paddy by plowing the field. sow) and when the plant becomes 9, or 10 inches, it is uprooted with roots and planted or planted in the area.

Young plants should be covered in water and later the water should be in motion, after this, when the plants mature or ripen, the water should be removed from the field and let dry.

Thus, paddy is obtained from them, which is covered by the husk or husk, this husk or husk is separated from the machines, and rice is obtained.

Where is most rice grown?

Most rice is grown in China, India, Japan, Java, and the Indian sea islands. Our country is the main center of rice cultivation. Rice in India is mainly in Bihar, Madras, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, and Western Bengal is grown in Maharashtra and Punjab, in our country India, rice is cultivated in about 78 lac acres and about 27 lac tonnes of rice is produced every year.

Rice is mainly used as a food item. Rice is often cooked and used in place of bread or with roti. Rice straw (Husk) is important animal food. The use of its straw is used in making and filling hats, shoes, and other items.

what is rice
what is rice

Rice is used in making intoxicating beverages in hot regions. Rice is also useful in diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion, etc.

A lot of work has been done at various research centers to generate the best and new varieties of rice Basmati 370, Basmati 217 is the first variety In 1986, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi (I. A. R. I) introduced the rice variety Taichung Native. 1 (T. N. I.) Generated from each of its plants, about 43.1 grams of rice is obtained per plant, similarly, other varieties are A. C. 49. I. R. 8, Jaya Sona, Ratna etc.

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