What is a Fossil? Definition, Types, Examples

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What is a Fossil?

Fossils are those parts or evidence of animals and plants, that nature preserves in its natural sources like rock, sand, snow, resin, etc. Fossils not only give us information about the fauna and flora found in ancient times.

Apart from that, information related to the then conditions, climate, weather, soil structure, moisture, temperature, water, land boundary, etc. is also available.

How many types of fossils?

Fossils can be of the following types.

Unchanged fossil –

These fossils are found in the form of complete bodies or dead bodies with some changes. This is the most convincing evidence of paleontology.

unchanged fossil
Unchanged Fossil

Example – Thousands of feet of ice deposits are found preserved below in Siberia region along with dead skeletons and muscles of mammoth (elephant) and woolly rhinoceros found in the Pleistocene era.

Altered fossils –

In this type of fossil, soft parts of animals and plants rot. Only their bones, jaws, teeth, and the cast part of the vegetation are found in the form of fossils.

For example, dinosaur fossils were found in the Jurassic period.

altered fossil
What is an Altered Fossil?

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Mold fossils –

In this type of fossil, the rock around the dead bodies of animals and plants takes the form of a mold by pressing it around them. All the remains of animals are destroyed by the rot, and the imprint of their body is imprinted in the rock. Most fossils are found in this form.

Mold fossil
What is a mold fossil?

Print fossil –

These types of fossils are found in muddy or moisture-rich rocks, in which there are footprints of animals or leaves of plants, etc.

Print fossil
What is a Print Fossil?

Coprolite fossil –

These are the exclusion substances of the alimentary canal of fossil animals, which are found in phosphate.

what is coprolite fossil
What is a Coprolite fossil?

For example, the fossils of salamanders exclusion material found in the creek.

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Amber fossil –

These are resins secreted by chimpanzees of ancient times. In which the fossils of insects are found preserved.

amber fossil
What is an Amber fossil?

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