What is Science? Definition, Types, Learn A-Z

Hello, guys, In today’s article we will study science. Like – what is science, types, examples. We will know the answers to many such questions today, which everyone wants to know because today’s world is the world of science. At this time, most students want to study from the science side, so friends, today we will learn about science in detail.

What is science?

Well-organized systematic knowledge is called science

What is the origin of the science word?

The science word is derived from the Latin word Scientia which means to know.

What is science? We have known it in very easy language, now we will know about the type of science.

Types of science

Although there are many types of science, there are mainly three types.  

  1. Physics,
  2. Chemistry,
  3. Biology

What is physics?

What is physics. science
What is physics?

That is a branch of science. In which the energy of an object, nature, and its natural phenomena are studied.

The word physics is derived from the Greek language, which means = Nature.

Isaac Newton is called the father of physics.

 Albert Einstein Sir is called the father of physics in the modern era.

2- What is chemistry?

What is chemistry,
What is chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science in which the composition, structure, properties of substances, and the changes in them during a chemical reaction are studied, it is called chemistry.

The word Chemistry has been taken from the very old name of the country of Egypt, Alchemy.

 Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier is called the father of chemistry.

3- What is biology?

What is biology, human anatomy
What is biology?

That is the branch of science in which the study of organisms (animals and plants) is called biology.

The term biology was first used by scientist Lamarck and scientist Trivirenus in 1801.

Who is the Father of Biology?

The scientist Aristotle ​​is called the father of biology.

How many parts are divided in biology?

Biology is divided into two parts.

  1. Zoology 
  2. Botany
What is zoology?

Zoology is the branch of biology in which animals are studied extensively, called Zoology.

What is botany?

Botany is the branch of biology in which trees, plants, and plants are studied in detail, it is called botany.

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Friends, we have seen what is science and how many types of science are there, we have come to know very well about the type of science, and now we will know about the importance of science, so let’s start.

What is the importance of science?

 Today’s world is the world of science, science is progressing very fast, today’s people are becoming completely dependent on science, we are surrounded by science from all sides, in today’s time if we have to do some work then We use only the things made of science to save our time and energy, 

now whatever field it is, whether it is education, agriculture, network, business, research, medicine or commerce, science is not left out of science. Helps in our life in every way and with the help of science, we can make a lot of development in our lives, with the help of science, every country is developing and strengthening itself, 

science was invented by humans only in earlier times. There was a lot of ignorance and superstition, but slowly due to science, ignorance, and superstition are being eliminated.

Advantages and disadvantages of science

Advantages of science –

First, we will know about the benefits of science.

Science has made its contribution in all fields.

In the field of communication

The inventions of science have made our lives very comfortable. Science has discovered mobile, computers, and the internet, due to which today we talk to people sitting thousands of miles away very easily, not only can we watch them live if we want to buy anything. So we easily order at home by ordering online. All this is the gift of science.

In the field of medicine –

Science has made medicines. By using this today, minor to major diseases are cured. Changes can be made in any part of the body, not only through surgery. By changing the DNA of any organism, its properties can be changed.

In the field of the building –

Science itself has made building material items like cement, bricks, etc. By using which, build a nice house and live inside it. All this is a gift of science.

In the field of agriculture –

  • Science has also contributed a lot to agriculture. In earlier times, the yield of crops was very low. Due to this, the food grains fell short. But today with the contribution of science, the seeds of crops have been made more yielding, more strong, and capable of fighting most diseases, that is, changes were made in their genes.
  • Due to this, food grains are being supplied all over the world today. If this is not done, then such a large population of the world would not be able to supply food grains, due to which people would start dying of hunger, then somewhere science has also contributed a lot to agriculture. 
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In the field of education →

  • Science has also contributed a lot in the field of education, such that if we want an answer to any question, then we go to the internet and search for the question and know its answer easily like today’s time.
  • In this, students sit at home and study online through smartphones, laptops, or computers, not only this, if we want to do the biggest calculation, then we calculate it in seconds using the devices invented by science. There are many such benefits.

In the field of travel

  • If in today’s time, we have to go somewhere. So we use vehicles like cycles, motorcycles, trains, airplanes, etc. All these inventions have been done by science only. 
  • Science has created space vehicles. Because of this, today humans have gone from one planet to another.
  • We get many such benefits from science. I’m sorry friends, we can’t tell about all the things one by one, else you guys are smart. You people can know that where you people are getting benefit from science. 

 Friends, what are the benefits of science to you? I know about it, but friends, science also causes harm. We will learn more about this later.  

Disadvantages of Science –

We are the people who benefit from science. Similarly, there is a lot of harm from science. What is the harm of science? We will know this step by step further. 

In the field of communication

Science has made many inventions in the field of communication. Due to this, the living beings present on the earth are also harmed. Like, the rays emanating from computers or mobile cause a lot of damage to our eyes.

And by using these tools, people are harmed by hacking. And the network towers that have been built to run them. The radiation emitted from them also harms animals, birds, and humans.

Not only this, every country has made very dangerous – dangerous weapons to make itself powerful and secure. Like – the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bombs, how destructive is the atomic bomb? You, people, must know that when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, how much damage was done, not only this, its effect lasted for many years. 

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This is a physics weapon. In today’s time, humans have also made bioweapons. Bioweapons attack microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria dangerous insects, etc.

Now we will know in the medical field what is the harm of science. 

In the field of medicine →

The way science has made medicines, in the same way, many intoxicants such as drugs, heroin, opium, alcohol, etc. have also been made and many dangerous chemicals have also been made.

Warning – We should always avoid all these substances and save others because all these substances always harm us. If we do not get any benefit from them, then please friends, do not consume these substances ever. 

 In the field of building →

The materials used to make the building. When they are made in factories. Then a lot of waste material comes out from there. For example, smoke, and garbage smoke go into our atmosphere and spoil the air. And the waste spoils our water by going into the rivers.

In the field of agriculture –

In the field of agriculture, when there are insects and diseases in the crops. So the insecticides that are used to eliminate them. They cause a lot of damage to us and our farms. 

In the field of education

There is no harm in this field because of science. But people misuse it. Now people take the highest education and misuse the devices made by science.

For example, stealing the data of others by hacking or hacking the account disappearing money, and giving wrong information online, there are many such disadvantages.   

In the field of travel –

Now the vehicles we use to go anywhere. Waste gases released from vehicles. They pollute our atmosphere. Due to this, we have difficulty in breathing. And there are also lung-related diseases.

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