What is the biosphere? Definition, Types, Know A-Z

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What is the Biosphere?

Australian scientist Eduard Seuss first used the term Biosphere. He said that every living being fulfills his needs from these three divisions.

Biosphere in simple language means the place where organisms live, and increase their Population. It is called the biosphere.

The biosphere includes all the organisms in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The extent of the biosphere is estimated to be 11 km deep within the ocean and up to 17 km above the earth. The thickness of its four sides has been measured up to 28 km.

Within this circle, all kinds of animals, and plants, whether it is amphibious terrestrial, or aquatic, are found, and Earth is the only such planet.

Where the existence of the biosphere is found, and the most important organisms of the biosphere are called humans.

What is the Biosphere? We have come to know about this. Now we will learn about the types of the biosphere.

How many types of the biosphere?

There are three types of biosphere.

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Hydrosphere
  3. Lithosphere
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1- What is atmosphere?

Air is found in this circle, that is, it is the Earth’s atmospheric region. Every living being fulfills his requirement from this circle.

what is the biosphere, atmosphere

2- What is hydrosphere?

Water is found in this circle. It is found on about 71% of the entire Earth, and innumerable organisms are found in this system. Water is an essential component of every living being. It makes up about 65-70% of the human body. It makes the food substances soluble and makes the action of enzymes possible on them.

3- What is lithosphere?

The lithosphere is the region of the earth other than the hydrosphere that is in solid form. It may be full of flora and fauna. Mineral substances (Ar, Fe, Ca, Mg), etc. of the body of living beings are supplied from this division.

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Components of the biosphere

If we talk about the components of the biosphere, then there are mainly three components of the biosphere.

  1. Biological component
  2. Abiotic components
  3. Energy components

First, let us know about the biological components, and what are the biological components.

What are biological components?

Under the biological component, animals, microorganisms, plants, and plants come under the biological component. These three are the biological components of the environment. Therefore, these three components are also called three subsystems.

Now we will learn about the three subsystems one by one.

Plants –

It is the most important component of biological components, and only plants are the primary producers, that is, they are the primary producers because only plants make their food by photosynthesizing. For this reason, they are called autotrophs.

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Trees and plants produce all kinds of organic matter. Not only this, but they also help in the process of cycling and recycling nutrients and organic matter and are also the main source of food and energy for all living beings.

Animals –

Look, we have read above, that trees are the primary producers of plants. Similarly, animals or animals are the main consumers, for this reason, animals are called heterogeneous systems. These animals mainly have 3 functions.

  1. First, the plants that provide organic matter for food are used by these animals.
  2. And that’s the second task. Now, these animals convert this food into energy.
  3. In the third function, animals use this energy for their growth and development.

Microorganisms –

Microorganisms are those organisms that we cannot see with our naked eyes. A microscope is used to see them.

Microorganisms include bacteria, germs, molds, etc. Now, what is this microbe? All these dead animals and trees decompose the plants and other biological components. That’s why they are called decomposers.

This is a very large number. They cannot be counted. There is no limit to them. They get their food from the decomposition process as well as the complex organic matter. Breaks them apart. Now, these are the separated organic matter. Trees and plants use them again. This process continues over and over again. This process is called the recycling process or recycling process.

What are Abiotic components?

As the name suggests, the elements that do not have life come under the abiotic component. These abiotic elements are essential for all living bacteria.

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Names of abiotic elements –
  • Lithosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Atmosphere

There is something else, such as mineral nutrients, water, and some gases, all of these are very important for biological life.

  • Lithosphere – In this zone, the reserves of mineral nutrients are found.
  • Hydrosphere – A reservoir of liquids is found in this zone.
  • Atmosphere – Essential gases are found in this system.

Now, these minerals are a storehouse of nutrients, a store of liquids, and a store of essential gases in the area where they meet. That area becomes a very fertile area for biological life.

Energy components –

First, people take what is called energy.

The ability to do work is called energy. Energy is also a very important component of the biosphere. Simply say that without energy, life on earth was impossible. All living beings require energy to function. Just as energy is needed to run any machine or device.

Now you must be thinking that we get energy from food and electricity to machines or devices. But from where does this biosphere get energy, then know the answer to this, the biosphere gets energy from the sun. The Sun is the main source of energy, without the Sun the formation of the biosphere would not have been possible.

What are the things we have studied in this post?

Know the definitions of biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere.

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