What is Biodiversity? Definition, Types, Life, Know A-Z

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What is Biodiversity?

How many creatures are there on this planet? All are connected to each other. According to an estimate by scientists, about 8.7 million species are found on our earth.

According to a report, 86% of the 8.7 million species are found on the land, And 91% or 86% of the discoveries are still in the oceans. And along with their description, the catalog is yet to be made. However, in the classification, humans have been placed at the highest place.

That is, placed on top. But humans have to depend on plants and animals for food. And animals are used as a source for many.

what is Biodiversity
What is Biodiversity

For example, it is used for work, farming, as a pet, and for other work. It is also done for economic gain.

It is very important to understand animals and their behavior, habitat, their characteristics, and their evolutionary relationships.

Diversity of life in the world –

Trees, plants, and animals are found almost everywhere. From shallow lagoons to deep oceans, from polar icebergs to hot volcanic springs, from tropical rain forests to dry and dry deserts. There are a variety of species that have adapted to live successfully in diverse ecosystems.

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A.G. According to Tansley, the ecosystem is a community of biotic factors and abiotic factors and their interrelationships.

The presence of many species in a particular ecosystem is called biodiversity. The term biodiversity was first used by Walter Rosen (1985). And it’s called E.D. Wilson defined.

Our earth is full of different types of creatures. They live in different environments. At present, 2.5 million species of organisms have been given scientific names.

There are more than 1.5 million animal species and 7.5 lac members only insects. 3.5 million plant species including algae, fungi, mosses, and higher plants.

Biodiversity is made up of two words.

Bio + Diversity Bio means = living things and Diversity means = variations.

Thus the differences found between animals, plants, and crops and their environment are called biodiversity.

We have come to know about what is biodiversity, and now we will know about the types of biodiversity.

How many types of biodiversity?

There are 3 types of biodiversity.

  1. Genetic diversity
  2. Species diversity
  3. Ecosystem diversity
Genetic diversity –

Genetic diversity is that diversity. When there are variations in the genes of the same species, it is called genetic diversity.

genetic diversity
What is Genetic diversity?
Species diversity –

Species diversity is diversity. When two different species live within a particular area, differences are found between them. It is called species diversity, such diversity is measured on the basis of the number of different species present in that area.

Species diversity
What is species diversity?
Ecosystem diversity –

Different types of flora and fauna are found within any one ecosystem, thus the diversity found is called ecosystem diversity.

Ecosystem diversity
What is Ecosystem Diversity?

What is Biodiversity and have learned about the types of Biodiversity? Now we will learn about Biodiversity in India.

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Biodiversity in India –

  • India exhibits vast biodiversity.
  • India is home to 7% of the world’s flora and 6.5% of the world’s animals.
  • The country’s local fauna is 62%.
  • 12 countries determined that India is a major center of biodiversity.
  • In the year 1999, on the basis of forest reports, satellite data, and views of each state, the total forest of India was 6,37,293 sq. It is spread over km. This is 19.39% of the total geographical area of ​​the country. If it is converted into hectares, it will be 64 million hectares.
  • Indian flora includes 15 thousand flowering plants, of which about 1500 species of plants are on the verge of danger.
  • There are 372 species of mammals in India.
  • There are 1228 species of birds in India. Which is 13% of the world’s total.
  • Reptilians and amphibians include 446 and 204 species, respectively.
  • Because living beings are widely spread in the world. We need to recognize useful as well as harmful organisms. Various classes and names have been given to living things from an ancient activity of every human culture.

What have we learned from this?

What are biodiversity, genetic diversity, and species diversity, to know the definition of ecosystem diversity and to know about the biodiversity of India?

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